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The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and many establishments struggle to stand out in a crowded market. In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Facebook provide an excellent opportunity for restaurants to connect with their audience and promote their brand.

Facebook advertising is an effective way for restaurants to reach new customers, build brand awareness, and boost business. With over 2.7 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. It provides a wide range of advertising options that can be customized to fit a restaurant’s specific needs.

In this article, we will explore how restaurants can utilize Facebook advertising to boost business and provide relevant case studies to support our points.


Targeting Your Audience

One of the most significant advantages of Facebook advertising is the ability to target specific audiences. Facebook allows you to create custom audiences based on factors such as location, interests, age, and gender. This allows restaurants to reach the right people at the right time, increasing the chances of attracting new customers.

For example, a restaurant in a college town may want to target students aged 18-24 who are interested in food and drink. The restaurant could create a Facebook ad campaign targeting this demographic, showcasing their menu items, student discounts, and upcoming events.

Asian Box utilized Facebook advertising to promote their new location in Marina del Rey, California, targeting users within a 5-mile radius of the restaurant. The campaign was highly successful, generating over 28,000 impressions and 125 clicks to their website in just four days.


Utilizing Video Content

Video content has become increasingly popular on social media platforms, and Facebook is no exception. Videos on Facebook receive 8 billion views per day, making it an excellent medium for restaurants to showcase their menu items, ambiance, and overall dining experience.

Restaurants can create engaging video content that highlights their unique offerings and promotes their brand. For example, a restaurant could create a video showcasing their kitchen, highlighting the chefs’ skills and the quality of their ingredients. Alternatively, a restaurant could create a video showcasing their signature dishes, encouraging viewers to visit and try them out.


Promoting Events

Restaurants often host events, such as wine tastings, live music, and holiday specials, to attract customers and build their brand. Facebook advertising provides an excellent platform to promote these events, reaching a wide audience and encouraging attendance.

Restaurants can create event pages on Facebook, showcasing details such as date, time, location, and event description. Additionally, restaurants can create targeted ad campaigns promoting their events to a specific audience, increasing the chances of attracting attendees.

The Cheesecake Factory created a Facebook event page promoting their annual National Cheesecake Day, offering half-price cheesecake slices on July 30th. The event page generated over 20,000 responses, with customers sharing and commenting on their excitement for the event.


Encouraging Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential aspect of a restaurant’s online presence, influencing potential customers’ decisions and providing valuable feedback for improvement. Facebook provides an excellent platform for restaurants to encourage customer reviews, building their reputation and increasing their visibility.

Restaurants can encourage customers to leave reviews on their Facebook page by including a call-to-action in their advertising campaigns. This can be as simple as asking customers to leave a review or highlighting positive reviews that have already been left. Restaurants can also offer incentives for leaving a review, such as a discount on their next visit or a free appetizer.


Retargeting Website Visitors

Retargeting is a powerful advertising technique that involves targeting users who have previously visited a website. Facebook provides a retargeting option that allows restaurants to target users who have visited their website, encouraging them to return and make a reservation.

Restaurants can create Facebook ad campaigns targeting users who have previously visited their website, showcasing menu items or offering a special promotion. This technique targets users who have already shown interest in the restaurant, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

Shake Shack created a Facebook retargeting campaign targeting users who had previously visited their website but had not yet made a purchase. The campaign generated over 120,000 impressions and 2,000 clicks to their website. This effectively encourages users to return and make a purchase.



Facebook advertising provides an excellent opportunity for restaurants to reach new customers, promote their brand, and boost business. By utilizing targeting options, video content, event promotion, customer review encouragement, and retargeting. Restaurants can effectively reach their target audience and increase their visibility.

These techniques can be highly effective in promoting a restaurant and increasing business. With the right advertising strategy, restaurants can leverage the power of Facebook advertising to stand out in a competitive market. 

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