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Messenger Bot

Lead generation bot, onboard up to 500 subscribers

Additional Subscribers

Increase your bot's subscriber limit and serve more people

$5 USD per 500



Reach out all your active subscribers or filter them based on a criteria. NB. Subscribers must fall with the 24 hour window set by Messenger.

$20 USD per message

API Integrations

Enhance your bot by connecting it to external services such as a CRM, Google Sheets etc


Here are answers to your most asked chatbot related questions

1. Where can customers find your bot?

Messenger, Facebook page and on your website.

2. When someone completes a form via the bot where does the information go?

The form data will be sent to your given email address; or to a third-party application such as a sale dashboard, upon request.

3. How do I know someone needs a human agent?

Our flows are unique and provide a simple and intuitive method to request a human agent. Each time a human agent is requested, Messenger notifications will be set to the respective admin’s inbox.

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“… and their adept service was a breath of fresh air.”

The ACRJ Foundation is a non-profit organization that is geared to helping individuals who've dropped out of high school with Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificates and inner city persons with skill sets. We needed a website that could appeal to both potential donating partners and students and one that represented us in a professional and classy manner. We believe Ikonik Digital achieved this and their adept service was a breath of fresh air. We're happy we used them.

Dr. Simone BadalFounder, AcrJ

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