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We have managment plans available to help you reach online customers who are in close proximity to your local business.

Google My Business

The cornerstone of local search engine optimization

Google maintains a 92.47 per cent search engine market share as of June 2021 and provides a management suite for you to get more recognition and visibility within the local communities you serve and to increase foot traffic to your business location.

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Google Local Pro

Increase foot-traffic, appointments, phone calls, and messages to your business by managing your online Google listing, while learning more about your customers and the impact your online presence has on your local business.

Benefits & Advantages

  • An increase in foot-traffic
  • An increase in driving direction
  • An increase in messages
  • An increase in business reviews
  • Additional insights to support and strengthen other SEO and marketing efforts

Planning & timeline

Setup and verification of your Google My Business page will take approximately 2-5 days. With progress reports being sent on a monthly basis.


$80 USD

Our Process

Learn more about how we develop your local SEO strategy

1. Gather Business Data

During this stage, we will gather as much data as needed to fill your business model, to have a clear understanding of your business and help us in the verification process.

2. Set Goals for Success

Together we will identify metrics that will determine the success of local SEO strategy, positively impact your ROI and point your business in the direction of growth and success. A few of these can be the following KPIs include:

  • An increase in foot traffic

  • An increase in phone calls

  • An increase in transactions

  • An increase in form submission leads

  • An increase in requests for driving directions

  • An increase in links

  • An increase in positive reviews

  • An increase in local pack visibility for X search phrases

3. Verification Process

The business can be verified either by phone or postcard/ mail as permitted by your GMB profile listing, after completing your basic business profile.

Important: Due to COVID-19, you may experience delays in getting your postcard. Most verification postcards arrive within 14 days, but shipping times may vary. To avoid delays, don’t request a new code or edit your business name, address, or category while you wait.

4. Update and Manage

Once everything is in place, the content will be created and your GMB listing updated to match your business offerings.

5. Analysis and Reporting

Along, with your monthly snapshot, we will provide recommendations where necessary to help with your local SEO strategy, GMB profile improvements and other business efforts.

Our FAQs

Questions you may have regarding Google My Business

1. Can any business get a GMB listing?

No, only businesses that have in-person contact during the stated business hours. Local SEO hinges on in-person service. Therefore, a storage facility or delivery service may not qualify where a daycare might.

2. How does Local SEO differ from regular SEO?

The main factors are as follows:

  • Local SEO requires a physical location, while Regular SEO only require a website
  • Local SEO focuses on in-person interactions, as opposed to regular SEO which leans more solely towards website activities and web authority.
  • Local SEO drives traffic to a physical location, while regular SEO is not so strategic on where traffic is directed
  • Searches results are impacted by your physical location, whereas in regular SEO results are more driven by other ranking factors.

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“… and their adept service was a breath of fresh air.”

The ACRJ Foundation is a non-profit organization that is geared to helping individuals who've dropped out of high school with Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificates and inner city persons with skill sets. We needed a website that could appeal to both potential donating partners and students and one that represented us in a professional and classy manner. We believe Ikonik Digital achieved this and their adept service was a breath of fresh air. We're happy we used them.

Dr. Simone BadalFounder, AcrJ

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