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Google’s collection of intelligent applications is called Google Workspace. For clients that need email hosting for their businesses, we generally suggest Google Workspace. Google Workspace, however, offers much more than simply email.

It also has a number of features and apps that are highly practical. In fact, you may already be utilizing some of them. Workspace has many features that can add immense value to your business but today we’ll focus on 6.



In addition to offering all of Gmail’s greatest features, Google Workspace lets you utilize a unique email address. This implies that Google Workspace may provide you access to a high-end, secure email that is ideal for businesses.



You can access, share, and keep all of your data in one safe location with Google Drive. After that, you may easily access them on any device. Every employee gets 30GB of storage space with Google Workspace options that go up to limitless storage, so you’ll always have enough for your information.


Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms

With them, you may make and modify text documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets online. You may quickly edit your documents, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, by importing them.

You may export to popular third-party formats as well. Without ever requiring the installation or purchase of extra software, this makes it simple to collaborate with other people or businesses and transmit data back and forth.

With the help of Google Forms, you can create an easy-to-use questionnaire that clients can complete; the backend will neatly organize all the responses for you. It will be a live form that can be modified after you send it out and changes will be reflected everywhere, just like other Google docs.



For scheduling client calls, establishing deadlines, and setting reminders for significant assignments, many of us rely on it. You can keep your schedule organized by using Google Calendar. The option to create several calendars that are available to everyone in your organization is one of the best features of utilizing Google Calendar with Google Workspace (or even a subset of users).



With Google Meet, you can have a video conference with up to 250 attendees by just sending out a straightforward meeting link. Users may take use of helpful features like live polling, text-based chat, and file and screen sharing during that video conference.


Admin Console

The Google Workspace Admin panel enables business executives to effortlessly manage everything from a single location. Manage devices, change security settings (including 2-factor authentication), establish new custom domains for your company that may be used for Gmail, or add new users and groups, among other things.

The majority, if not all, of Google Workspace’s capabilities need to be activated by the administrator before they can be utilized.


In Conclusion

Whether you require email management, data storage, or meeting scheduling, Google Workspace is a terrific tool for your business. It offers you a suite of integrated tools designed to match your evolving business needs.

Do you need assistance setting up Google Workspace for your company or instructing personnel on how to use the app’s numerous features? Send us a message, and let’s get things started!

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