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Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) is a cloud-based storage and collaboration platform that includes a Gmail account and a suite of apps such as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Meet, and Forms. Enterprise creativity, collaboration, productivity, and mobility are made easier with the help of Google’s revolutionary cloud-hosted solutions.

Gaining complete access to this collection of productivity-enhancing applications is the main benefit of using Google Workspace. These solutions provide staff with all the core tools they need to produce and collaborate successfully on ongoing business initiatives, backed by round-the-clock customer service through live chat, email, or phone.

The platform’s commitment to protecting your privacy is yet another important factor in favor of using Google Workspace. Google’s traditional data centers and cloud-hosted operations both use stringent, industry-leading security standards. This includes, among other things:


2-Step Verification

When 2-Step verification is enabled, users must enter a second authentication method in order to login in to their Google Workspace accounts. This might be accomplished via a Security Key, Google Prompt, Google Authenticator, or some other method.


Advanced Phishing and Malware Protection

You are protected against dangerous attachments and scripts from unreliable senders by the powerful phishing and malware security capabilities. Links hidden behind short URLs will be recognized, connected photos will be checked for dangerous material, and a warning will be shown when links to dubious domains are clicked. Additionally, it offers defense against email spoofing. To better identify and address phishing and malware risks, Google is now starting to use machine learning (ML) models.


Password Alert Extension

A Chrome browser plugin from Google will help you keep your credentials safe. To assist in preventing phishing/spoofing attempts, the Password Alert extension was created. In essence, the extension will notify you if you attempt to enter your Google account password on a website that is not operated by Google. It’s generally a good idea to change your password(s) right away if you receive such a warning and you don’t recognize the behavior. Google also offered a Password Checkup extension until August 31, 2020, but it has since been discontinued because it is now included into the Chrome browser itself.


Whitelisted Domains

To reduce the risk of data leakage/exfiltration, administrators can add domains to a whitelist/allowlist inside the Google Workspace admin panel and therefore limit access to certain sites. Additionally, they may configure alert messages to display whenever a user tries to exchange data with an unauthorized domain. This can assist to prevent employees from unintentionally sending data to the incorrect recipient.


Mobile Management Solution

Basic device management functionality is offered by Google Workspace and is by default turned on. Without requiring their staff to install any more programs on their devices, this enables administrators to implement security measures for all devices that access their environment. In addition, Google offers an advanced mobile management solution that includes a variety of extra capabilities including remote device wiping, strict passcode enforcement, security policies, and more. As you may anticipate, Business Starter and Standard, Essentials, or Cloud Identity Free do not offer all functionality.


Security Health Recommendations

Enterprise clients will get access to security health advice that is tailored to the dangers that pertain to their accounts and data. In addition to providing you with insight into any spam or malware that is targeting your company, Google Workspace will monitor your accounts for trends pertaining to how your data is handled and shared in particular. The Security Center contains the security health guidelines.

Google Workspace is undoubtedly one of the most secure tools available online today as a service for productivity, collaboration, file storage, and cloud performance. In reality, Google actively tries to safeguard its users, providing security checklists for emerging mid-sized firms.


Security checklist for small businesses (1-100 users)

These security measures can help you protect your organization’s sensitive information:

  • Using unique passwords
  • Require key users and admins to verify their identity
  • Admins should include recovery data to their account
  • Get backup codes beforehand
  • Create an extra super admin account
  • Keep information readily available for password reset of the admin account
  • Super admins should sign off from their account when not needed
  • Enable automatic updates for Internet browsers and apps


Security checklist for medium and large businesses (100+ users)

You can protect your business with Google’s recommended security checklist, including some administrators’ best practices to ensure data security:

  • Require 2-factor verification for admin accounts
  • Use security keys for verification
  • Don’t use the super admin account for routine tasks
  • Admins shouldn’t remain signed in
  • Create multiple accounts of super admin
  • Set up user admin role accounts
  • Delegate daily tasks to individual user accounts
  • Set up email alerts
  • Evaluate the Admin audit log
  • Add recovery options to accounts
  • Save backup codes beforehand
  • Keep an additional security key


Final Word

It’s not surprising that Google thoroughly understands the security implications of running your company on the cloud as it was founded in the cloud and remains there today. Your company will gain from the security measures Google has designed and uses on a daily basis since Google and their corporate services use the same infrastructure. Google is able to keep ahead of the curve and provide a highly secure, dependable, and compliant environment thanks to their extensive global infrastructure, committed security specialists, and desire for innovation.

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