It’s estimated that 80% of all internet traffic will be online videos. Videos are searchable and mobile: no matter where your website visitor may be, the video is accessible to them. Win clients, educate & engage your employees or captivate your students with a creative animated video.


As digital marketing and platforms evolve, videos are driving greater engagement than standalone text or image.

Ikonik drives further engagement with enriched video content composed of eye-catching motion graphics, developed to instantly capture your audience’s attention; and strategic placement of meaningful call to actions, to unequivocally communicate the desired next steps. As with all graphics, we focus highly on legibility and videos are no exception.

We will work with you to develop a script and a visual storyboard for your new animation, to meet your main objectives.

Our Process

We Can Develop Solutions for your Organization, too

1. Brief & Discovery

We will give you a short questionnaire that helps us better understand your project and what you’re looking for in a video.

2. Script Writing

We will review the creative brief and write a script that effectively communicates your message and serves as the narration for the final video.

3. Storyboard Design

Working in accordance with your brand guidelines and from our brief we create a number of key frames so you can see exactly how the video will look.

4. Voice Over Recording

If you don’t find someone you like in-house, we can always source a custom voiceover for a small additional fee.

5. Animation

We collaborate with some of the most talented animators and videographers in the industry. But good work takes time, so this stage is usually the longest.

6. Delivery

The video will be exported based on your use case and technical requirements; then delivered to you


We Can Develop Solutions for your Organization, too

Why Should I Go With An Animated Video?

A video helps to explain your product, idea or service to the audiences you want to reach, improving the understanding,and reducing the amount of training / support required.

How do you charge?

Similar to building a website – all animation projects are custom and so without knowing the variables for your particular project it’s very difficult to set a specific dollar amount. Generally speaking, most animated videos that are around 30 secs in length range from USD$350 upwards depending on the variables.

Who We’ve Worked With

We Can Develop Solutions for your Organization, too

“The level of experience thought and care…”

“If you are looking for creative video ads, customer outreach and insights into your marketing campaigns. There’s no better team than Ikonik Digital because of their expertise and how closely they work with you.”

Nicole BartleyOwner, Fashion 911

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