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To the majority of internet users, Augmented Reality represents a future that we’ve yet to reach, but it’s here already and it’s main playground is on Instagram via IG Stories. 

The “Stories” format made popular by Snapchat is a social media success story, as “Stories” can now be found on virtually all social networking sites. Filters that allow users to alter their image in some way are a crowd favorite on Instagram. Some filters come with Instagram, but mostly they are created by independent creators looking to express themselves with this new artistic medium. Brands have caught on to how much people love these AR powered filters and have begun creating them to drive engagement amongst their followers.

Why You Should Care 

Over 500 million Instagram accounts used IG stories in 2019 and that number increases as the days go by. 

In an effort to stay ahead and keep users engaged Instagram has recognized the popularity of their Stories feature and have rolled out stickers, music and many other innovative features to keep you creating and sharing more stories. One of these innovative features includes augmented reality filters; they play the role of a unique and engaging way for B2C and B2B brands to generate leads and boost engagement.


Brands Using Instagram Augmented Reality Filters: 

With augmented reality filters a brand can show off their personality through creative filters that match their brand image and relate to their target audience. For example, AR filter games can be used by a brand targeting young adults to engage their audiences and a  brand focused on a female audience can create a makeup filter to beautify its followers.


Raybans Instagram page now features 3 AR Filters. The filters let customers virtually try on their classic shades. Seeing how they’d look on them before making that purchase decision. A great way to encourage users to try it before you buy it, see an example of their filter in action below.


Gucci Beauty:

Gucci beauty is taking a more fun approach to their AR filter strategy , they currently have 5 AR filters on their Instagram page. With a focus on beauty their filters allow you to try on lipstick and makeup for a fun makeover without ever leaving your house. 


Walt Disney World:

On Walt Disney’s Instagram page you’ll find 3 AR filters based around their movies. Each filter puts you in the middle of a movie scene. See an example of one of their filters below.


One Championship:

The next best thing after the UFC , One championship has a very active Instagram presence, their AR Filter is a quiz filter based around their apprentice reality tv show. By utilizing head gestures you can answer questions by turning your head left or right.



With 6 AR Filters on their IG page, Netflix is bringing new meaning to the term “Netflix and Chill” with filters based around their hit shows such as The Queen’s Gambit. 


An undeniable opportunity to engage your audience at the deepest level, brands can’t deny the power and popularity of augmented reality filters. 

This is just the beginning, with the number of major brands using AR filters in their marketing efforts increasing rapidly as it has in the past few months, its proof that this is a technology that has finally come of age. Augmented reality is here to stay.

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