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If your social media marketing results aren’t matching up to expectations, then you’re probably making some costly social media mistakes. Make too many social media mistakes and you risk diminishing your brand and missing out on countless sales opportunities. Fixing these mistakes can help you maximize the ROI from all the effort you’re putting into increasing brand awareness on platforms like Facebook & Instagram. 


Below are some of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen brands make when navigating social media.


  • Facebook Profile Instead Of Page – I see this mistake being made time and time again by local brands, using a Facebook profile to market themself instead of a Facebook page as they rightly should. It’s against Facebook rules to use a personal profile for business uses plus you miss out on a lot of the benefits of having a page including
    • Facebook Insights – Fan pages give you the benefit of detailed analytics showing you how many people see your posts, the best times to post, your fan page demographic, your most engaging posts as well as how many new fans you’ve gained over monthly periods. All this information is extremely valuable in helping you craft and improve upon your Facebook content strategy. P.S. profiles give you none of these things.
    • Ability to run ads – Facebook advertising is very cost effective and targeted. Advertising to a Fan Page is more effective than an outside landing page because Facebook wants to keep the traffic within the network. You can promote your Fan Page through ads, but not your personal page/ profile.
    • Admin Roles – By granting select people access to your Fan Page, you avoid giving out your password to multiple people which is what you’ll have to do with a profile. You can choose what rights they get to finagle with and what they can do within your Fan Page. This also allows for a pretty nice checks and balances system for your brand. Fan pages sounding better now?
  • Click here and follow the instructions to fix this mistake if you’re making it. 


  • Posting When No One’s Online – Is your brand one of those pages that post nothing in the day and then randomly decides to make 5 posts at 3am in the morning? Sorry to tell you, but most people are actually sleeping at that time. They are a few tools available that can assist you choose the best times to post content
    • Social Media Tools – A few tools that will tell you when are optimum times to make posts on your social media accounts include Google Analytics, Sproutsocial and Hootsuite.
    • Trial and Error – Good ol trial and error can help here as well, experiment with different posting times for a few weeks, check your analytics to see when fans engage with you the most then move forward from there.


  • Leaving Social Media Profiles Inactive – Social media isn’t something you can just pick up and put down when you please, you have to be consistent and build a community of loyal advocates for your brand. Social media is a commitment that requires a little time every day. When customers see an inactive profile, they could assume that you’ve gone out of business. Either get someone in-house to do it or hire a professional social media agency to market your brand online for you. 


  • Giving Away Stuff Too Often -Yes running contests is a great way to boost engagement on social media and increase your fanbase but too much of anything is a bad thing. What you don’t want is to attract people who could care less about your brand and only wish to receive prizes when you choose to have one of your many giveaways. Be strategic with your giving, Santa is special because he comes by only once a year.


  • Talking But Not Listening – Social media isn’t you giving a public speech about your business to fans daily, it’s about sitting down and having a conversation with them. Don’t use your social media accounts as a means to broadcast sales messages non stop, fans will simply unlike your page or unfollow you. Communicate with customers, ask questions, answer questions, share interesting content that you know they’d find valuable (like us sharing this article) listen to your customer and move forward from there.


  • Content / Audience Mismatch – If you’re a wedding planning company don’t post about football matches, if you’re a baby boutique don’t post about the latest on Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard. Before you select a piece of content to share, you should always ask yourself how relevant it is to your target audience. Nothing REALLY gets the conversation going like a great piece of relevant, targeted and timely content.


  • No Strategy – If you fail to plan you plan to fail. You can’t just go about posting random stuff daily, you have to have to know who you’re speaking to, you have to have a content strategy, timelines for campaigns, ad budgets to promote content and upcoming sales for your business, key performance metrics to measure how you’re doing and what’s working for you. 


As a business owner coming up with all this stuff can be a headache along with all the other stuff that comes with being a business owner which is where we come in:) send us a message to get your social media on the up and up!

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