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Social Media is a tool in business marketing which has shown promising rise in recent years specially when everything was shut due to covid.

A lot of companies are still stuck in the old days and refuse to move into social media or have made a move then ignored it. There are a lot of reasons given for not coming on; don’t know what to do, don’t have time, don’t wanna spend the money, don’t see the benefit. For every reason you have for not wanting to come onboard there are a few risks your business faces by not taking social media seriously, including. 


You Give Competitors a Head Start

Competition in business is cutthroat and you definitely don’t want your competitor out ramping up fans/followers, running campaigns and building a community of loyal fans online while you’re sitting back going “meh”. Don’t let your competitor take advantage of social media and become the talk of the town and you become the old has-been who’s too old school to get down with social media. If your competition isn’t on social media, what are you waiting for! move now while you have the advantage!


Customers Can’t Find You

Say you’re a restaurant, Nowadays when someone hears about your business, it’s almost second nature to look you up on Facebook and/or Instagram and if they see a dead Facebook/Instagram page or even worse NO Facebook/Instagram page at all they’ll throw you out of consideration easily and choose to go with the restaurant that they interact with on a daily basis via social media because they’re top of mind, easy to find and communicate with while you’re busy waiting at the phone lines. 


You Become A Target For Hackers

If you don’t secure your place on social media, don’t think someone else won’t take it upon themselves to do so for you and cause damage to your brand, the last thing you want is someone creating a twitter account for your company and sending out outrageous messages to unsuspecting followers. It’s happened before, don’t be the next victim. 


Search Engine Optimization

Legend has it that the perfect place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search. Having a website isn’t enough these days to help you come up on the 1st page of Google or Bing as search engines are making moves to further integrate social media into search rankings and these rankings are based on interaction and relevance so don’t risk being on the dreaded page 2 of Google search, get social.


Conversation Goes On Without You

People are gonna talk about your business whether you’re on social media or not, it’s best that you’re there to listen in on these conversations and have a say as to how people perceive your business, especially if you’re being bad mouthed by an upset customer, social media is the 1st place they’ll go to to show their dissatisfaction. Be there to calm things down during these situations and maybe even turn an angry customer into a happy one. 


Missing Out On Market Research

Most social media sites have some sort of integrated analytics that reveal incredibly detailed (and accurate) information about the people that connect with you. It’s like having your own think-tank at your disposal! Want to know how many people like your product in Kingston, Jamaica that are female between the ages of 35-54? No problem!


Don’t put your business at risk! start taking social media seriously today, whether in house or by hiring a professional agency like ours. If you want to make the step to give your business a great presence on social media send us a message and let’s get the conversation started!

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