Client Goal: The Ador team just started their shoe brand, with a limited budget they didn’t want to invest in a physical store but wanted to have a presence online thought could bring them some sales.

Our Approach: We thought about this problem and also thought about which emerging best practice we could use to put this brand in the best position to get sales via social media. Our solution was an AI powered chatbot that would enable messenger users to browse through their shoe catalog and quickly place an order then enter their details for delivery.

Some key features of this AI Chatbot include the following

  • Ador chatbot
  • Integrate with WooCommerce API
  • Process orders
  • Updates shop managers on new conversations and orders
  • AI powered store

Chat with the Ador chatbot here: Messenger.com/t/visitador.store 


Ador Shoe Store AI Messenger Bot



What We Did

Artificial Intelligence powered Messenger Bot